How To Choose An Honest Transmission Repair Service

7 Nov

How To Choose An Honest Transmission Repair Service

Have you ever heard horror stories about unethical transmission repair services? You don’t have to look too far until you find one. Let’s face it. Vehicles can’t run without a good transmission, and sometimes this vital part of the engine needs to be repaired. If a vehicle needs extensive work, it can be very expensive.

Here are some tips to help every driver choose an honest transmission repair service.


You won’t have to ask too many people until you find someone who will give you an excellent referral for a reputable mechanic. Statistically, more people have had a great service job versus those who have not. So, ask your neighbors, friends, or coworkers for a referral.

Repeat business

Always look for a business that has many repeat customers. This is always a good sign it’s a reputable company. A company that has been around for a long time is likely to get a lot of repeat business.


Look for one who stays in the same location and keeps the same owner. This is a sign of stability. These stable companies make their living on their good reputation and will do most anything to protect it.

Ask questions

Once you narrow down your search, you should ask the repair shop a few questions. Here are a few examples of questions you should be asking:

– Do they offer a lifetime warranty on their work?
– Do they offer a free diagnosis of the transmission problems?
– Do they use up-to-date equipment for repairing and diagnosing your vehicle?
– Are they willing to give you the names and numbers of satisfied customers?

The answers to these questions will provide a wealth of information about the company and may help you avoid being their next victim. One of the most frequently asked questions by far is how much it will cost to have this vital part of the vehicle repaired? That’s certainly a fair question. Expect to pay between $1,000 to $1,500 on a non-luxury vehicle no older than 2004. A luxury model could run as high as $3,000. But this part of your car isn’t something you can do without.

Fortunately, it’s not everyday you need transmission repair service. It may only happen once in your driving lifetime or maybe even not at all. If you perform regular maintenance checkups on your vehicle, you may be able to avoid problems.

The character and reputation of any business is something every person should consider, especially in the automotive world. Choosing wisely will help you avoid these dire consequences.

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